We have an issue with one of our clients not getting sync information from Swiftpage at all. We fixed the issue by modifying the file in the tomcat/webapps/crmSPSyncEngine/web-inf/ folder. The CRM user password there needs to be updated.

However, only the new campaigns report from Swiftpage get updated in CRM. Any old ones that were sent out successfully when the password was incorrect, didn't get the results/reports synced back into CRM from Swiftpage. Is there a flag/timestamp in CRM that can trigger the syncing of the reports?

Work around / Resolution:

It’s not possible to do this through the User Interface but it is possible to do this through the back end. The usual disclaimer applies about editing the database directly, make sure to take a DB backup first.

WARNING: This part of the product is not normally exposed for customisation, however, you may possibly be able to alter it through the back end. Please note that CRM Support cannot recommend or provide ongoing support for changes made to CRM objects in this manner. If you do proceed with this change, please ensure that you test thoroughly before attempting it in a live environment, and ensure that you have adequate backup and rollback procedures in place.

The reason the old Emarketing wave activities are not syncing is because when you create a WaveItem_Email a corresponding “Email Blast” is created on the Swiftpage servers with a unique SP Blast ID. This ID should then be written back to the WaveItem_Email table in the column WiEm_SwiftPageBlastID however when the user details in the file are incorrect then it doesn’t have the permissions to write to this column on the database.

To fix this you can try to find out the unique SP Blast ID for your email blast on the SP servers and manually populate that column.


  1. Find the unique Swiftpage Blast ID of your email by logging on to the SP site:
  2. Click on Reports
  3. On the report page highlight your Email Blast (you should be able to recognise it by its title or send date) & click View report
  4. Hover over the "click here" link or copy its URL. (It should be like:


  5. This bit: IC130218072941 is the unique ID you need to insert into the WiEm_SwiftPageBlastID column on the WaveItem_Email table in CRM
  6. Find out the WaveItemID_EmailID of your email blast on the WaveItem_Email table on the database
  7. Then run the following query:

           update WaveItem_Email set WiEm_SwiftPageBlastId = 'IC130218072941' where WiEm_WaveItem_EmailID = <YOUR WAVE ITEM EMAIL ID>

     8. Then change your sync time in SyncEngineConfiguration.xml to a suitable time and restart tomcat to sync.