When running the upgrade from 6.2 to 7.0 all program files are upgraded, as well as the registry. When the upgrade scripts are starting there is a pop-up message: "The database is already partially upgraded. Please restore from backup."


It appears the installer is checking for certain tables before initialising the upgrade, then introduces its own tables.
The table is called ‘beingupgraded’ you can see the table being created during the upgrade normally, so I think at some point they may have started installsheild and then closed out crashing the upgrade which left the table behind. Then when restarting the upgrade the installer is checking this to see if it already exists, so the steps below will remove the table allowing the business partner to proceed.
1) Ensure backups are taken prior to any scripts being run.
2) In SQL enter this script to drop the table.

drop table beingupgraded

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