An issue can occur if a user logs out of CRM after clicking on a report category in the Reports section but before the report category loads.


The next time any user clicks on a Report Category the reports will not be displayed on the UI even though they still exist on the database. A metadata refresh will bring them back.

Also an Access Violation will be reported in the logs:

"UserActionException,ErrMsg Access violation at address 1A004906 in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 65746E49"



The issue is caused by the fact that the eWare.dll requires the user session information of the current user to complete the report listing. If this session ends before the processing of the method is complete then an access violation error will be thrown.

A short term workaround is to advise users not to click on log off before the reports screen is loaded.

More information:

This is an issue on larger sites. If it takes the reports screen some time to load, the user thinks the system is hanging and logs out. The consequences are very severe in that the reports go missing for every user until a metadata refresh is performed.

This will be fixed in a future patch of 7.1 & 7.2