Fields added to the Top Content area in Sage CRM do not have different HTML IDs to fields added to regular Sage CRM screens. This may cause an issue if attempting to reference a screen element by ID.


An example of the issue can be seen where comp_name field is added to both CompanyTopContent and CompanyBoxLong. The caption and contents of the field cannot be referenced reliably using document.getElementById() in a client-side script.


In versions of Sage CRM prior to v7.2, the Top Content area was displayed in a different frame to the main content (EWARE_MID) frame. This meant that adding the same field to screens displayed in the EWARE_MID frame and the TOPBODY (Top Content) frame would not result in issues when an attempt was made to reference the same element by ID.

However, with the release of Sage CRM v7.2, the old frames have been removed, and all elements are displayed in the same screen.


This behaviour has been changed in v7.2f. From that patch onwards, elements in the Top Content area will have unique IDs, e.g. for Company Name caption in the Top Content area will have an ID of _Capt_TopContentcomp_name rather than _Captcomp_name.