When sending a new email in a "popup" window the "Send Anyway" button is not working.


When sending a new email to an email address (eg that is not located in CRM in a "popup" window the following message is displayed:

“The following E-mail address(es) have not been located in CRM. If you want to continue to send this E-mail, click Send Anyway. If you want to correct the E-mail addresses and try again, click Send”

You will then get the option to "Send Anyway".


The issue is that once this is selected nothing happens and the email is not sent.

Resolution / Workaround:

There are two workarounds for this issue:

1. After you select the option to "Send Anyway", select the option to "Send Email" and now the screen closes as it should and the email is sent.

2. This is only affecting the "Popup Email" screen. Naviagte to  My CRM -> Preferences ->Email Screen Position and set to "Normal".


This issue has been resolved in Sage CRM 7.2g.