Sage CRM uses URL keys to define the system context. By this we mean the main entity type, as well as the individual entity record, and any secondary entity records that are currently being accessed by a user.

A full description of how this works within the product is available here.

Developers and support staff may find that they need to translate the key values for a given URL, either to create their own custom URLs, or to troubleshoot context-related issues.

More information:

A tool is available which can be used to compare Sage CRM URLs and look for differences. Once of its features is the ability to translate key values. An example screenshot is shown below:

URL Compare screenshot

This screenshot shows the comparison of two URLs used for the Person Summary screen, where one screen is missing the Company context information from the URL. The primary context (dominant key) is highlighted, and other key information is translated. Differences between the two URLs are highlighted.

The tool is available for download here:

 Download: CRM URL Compare tool