A user creates a field with a caption with 25 characters or more, for example in this case comp_superdupercompanyfield.
When trying to add this field to a report the user cannot see the full name of this field:



The cause of this issue is that the report "Select Column" window is not wide enough to display the full field name.

Resolution / Workaround:

There is a workaround for this:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Customisation -> Translations

2. Find the following translation:

Caption Family:           ReportList
Caption Code:             SelectColumn

3. Put the following code in the appropriate translation:

$(".ReportSelections").first().css("width", "250px");


4. Then perfom a metadata refresh and the width should be extented:


More information:

The width in the above script was set to 250px.
It was originally set to 200px in Sage CRM.
The user may need to increase this further to fully see their created field.


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