A customer had a query regarding the sending of SMS messages to Person records in Sage CRM:

"We're thinking of sending SMS alerts to our clients if their are new products added to their portfolio. At the moment we're sending mass emails. Is there a method of sending SMS messages to people other than Sage CRM users?"

More information:

When an SMS message is sent from Sage CRM, all that is done is that a short emails is sent to a specified SMS server address, which then forwards on the content of the emails to SMS recipients. This is the only in-built method you have in CRM for doing this.

Understanding this means that you can implement a number of different workarounds. Firstly, you can send SMS messages from a workflow action, by sending an email to a specified address. You could do the same thing with a regular notification as well. Whether this is possible or not would depend on what methods of sending data the SMS provider supports. You’ll see that a lot of SMS providers will allow a number of methods for interacting with their gateways. These include things like RESTful APIs, SMPP, SMTP and FTP. Some of these might be supported by a given provider, while others might not.

If you can’t use SMTP (i.e., just sending an email containing a phone number to a given server), then it might be worth checking out whether the SMS provider supports a RESTful web services interface. These are nice since you can package the username, password and message into a single HTTP request and just send it to the provider – they tend to be fairly easy to do, and it should be possible to build something into cloud CRM using a client-side script. This would involve a number of other considerations, such as the keeping of passwords, etc hidden from users.

In on-premise Sage CRM you’ve got a bit more flexibility – you can use a table level script to implement this functionality, which is fairly neat. There’s an example of how to do this in the Community knowledgebase, in KBA 492-17823.