On attempting Document Upload in Case context immediately after doing it on Opportunity Context for same company, the document uploaded against case is also getting linked to that opportunity.

This is happening since the url is still containing opportunity id (Key7) when user is on case context and somehow the document is incorrectly linking to both case and opportunity.


The document uploaded against Case is also showing against the opportunity which is opened previously against same company.


This is a known issue and reproducible on few instances, and escalated for fix





The issue can be worked around by adding the following as a Custom Content script to CommunicationDetailBox on the Communication entity.




/*  Alternative workaround for case 0-166594

    Place this on CaseDetailBox

    If context needs to be removed from other entities, then add this script onto

    a box on their Summary screen.

    This should only be applied where ther eis no relationship between Cases and Opportunities

    Removes oppo context when user navigates to the Case Summary screen



var currentUrl = document.location.href + "";


if (currentUrl.indexOf("Key7=") > -1) {


    document.location.href = currentUrl.replace(/\&Key7=[0-9]+/gi, "") ;