Unable to find companies from data upload multi select field.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Add a new multi select field in Customisation -> Company named comp_software and add a title.
2. Add some new codes - BI, CRM and ERP.
3. Add the field to the company summary and company find screens.
4. Go to an existing company and select CRM and ERP for the new field.
5. Go to Find company and select CRM in the multi select field and note the company record appears on the list.
6. Create a new csv file which contains company, person, address and comp_software fields.
7. Add in three records one with CRM. another with CRM, ERP and the other with CRM ERP in the comp_software field.
8. Upload the data and ensure all have processed OK.
9. Go to new companies and note the values are displaying in the comp_software field.
10.Go to Find company and select CRM in the multi select field.

Expected result:

Only Companies with CRM as an option should be selected.

Actual result:

Note that all the company records appear on the list.

Workaround / Resolution:

The multi select option need to be dived up with comas with not spaces.
Commas should also be present at the start and the end of the options as well in the csv file.

Example below: