While Sage CRM has a large number of useful fields against Companies, People, etc, what's available may not exactly suit your needs. This article describes how you can add your own custom, searchable field to Sage CRM.

More information:

Creating a custom field for the company entity

To add a new field in the Company entity:

  1. Go to Administration -> Customisation -> Company -> Fields.
  2. Click New to start creating a custom field
  3. Select an entry type. For example, you can select Text for a text field or Selection list for a drop down menu.
  4. Name your field. A company field should always start with comp_ , while a person field will start with pers_ .
  5. Type in your caption. This is the name that will appear on your screen.
  6. Select the field length and width. This is the maximum number of characters allowed in a text field, and the physical size of the field on the screen.
  7. The default option is for any text that would be pre-populated in the field, if any.
  8. Click Save to create your field.

Adding Fields to the Company Search Screen

To add a field to the Company Search Screen:

  1. Click on Administration -> Customization -> Company.
  2. Select the Screens tab. A list of customizable screens for the Company entity is displayed.
  3. Click the Customise button next to the Company Search Screen. The Maintain Screen Definition for Company Search Screen page is displayed.
  4. Add the fields that you want to appear on the screen and select the Save button.

Note: If you need to add this field to another screen, such as the Company Entry screen, or the Company Summary screen, follow the same steps again.