When using the Outlook plugin, tasks and appointments will sync between CRM and Outlook. However, an issue may occur whereby contacts will not sync to Outlook after adding them to CRM, unless a Sync Info Reset is performed in the Outlook plugin.


This may be happening if the Timezone settings in CRM are not correctly set. There are two areas that have to be set to the correct timezone.

    Administration -> System -> System Behavior -> Server time zone

This value must be set to the exact timezone that the CRM server is using in Date and Time menu in the Windows Control Panel.

    Administration -> Users -> Users Preferences


    My CRM -> Preferences -> Time Zone

This setting can be set for each user by the Administrator, or by the users themselves under My CRM -> Preferences. The value set must match the timezone for each user's workstation. This may be different for users in different office locations, or who are accessing CRM while traveling. Similarly to the Server time zone setting, this value must match the Windows Date and Time Properties for each user.