The following error is shown when a product is selected under data management in administration:

"Unspecified Error"

SQL Error : Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND'

Resolution / Workaround:

The issue here is with a field missing on the New Product screen. In this case the UOM family field.

Since they are using UOM this must be an option on the new product screen or it will populate with a null value, thus giving the sql error.

To resolve this issue:

1. Go to administration and customisation.
2. From the secondary entities list select new products.
3. Go to the screens tab.
4. Select the product summary screen.
5. Now add in the field: “New Product: Unit of Measure Family(prod_uomcategory) and save.

You should now be able to save new products and view them as normal.

More info:

They will have to be deleted and added back in once the new field is added to the new product screen to delete the products that are not working.

Set UOM to No under product configuration and delete as normal.