Using the Sage CRM Outlook plugin,  private appointments are not synchronized since Sage CRM v7.0 SP1.

If you set up a normal appointment in Sage CRM and synchronize it with the  Sage CRM Outlook plugin, this appointment will be created in Outlook. If you updateset this appointment to private in Outlook, then synchronize again, Sage CRM won’t synchronize with Outlook by design.

Using Sage Exchange Integration, private appointments are synchronized since Sage CRM v7.1

From Outlook Exchange to Sage CRM: a private appointment/meeting in an Exchange mailbox (that has been configured to synchronize with Sage CRM) will synchronize to Sage CRM, and it will be flagged in Sage CRM as "private".
Sage CRM's privacy rules will be respected for that appointment.

Only the users that are actually present on the appointment/meeting in Exchange will be able to see the corresponding Sage CRM appointment.


Private appointment created and synchronised with Outlook no longer updating when changed in CRM.

Work around / Resolution:

Use the Sage CRM Exchange Integration with Outlook Exchange Server. 
This is by design: private appointments are not synchronized with Sage CRM Outlook Classic plug-in since Sage CRM v7.0 SP1).