1-Create an appointment for 3 people in Microsoft Outlook (these 3 people must be Sage CRM users).
2-Synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Sage CRM.
3-Sage CRM will display all users against this appointment.

More information:

Looking at a list of appointments in Sage CRM, if you have rights to see these 3 users details, it will display the same appointment 3 times - one for each user. However, Sage CRM Calendar only displays your own appointment.

When you are synchronizing appointments between Microsoft Outlook and Sage CRM for a non-CRM user, their e-mail addresses appear in the Sage CRM appointment at the end of the screen.

Appointments are managed this way to be able to manage conflicts when synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and Sage CRM.

If you setup an appointment in Microsoft Outlook for 3 Sage CRM Users (User A, User B and user C) for today from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM, after synchronization with Sage CRM, User A may change start time, User B may change end time and User C may change date of appointment. When Microsoft Outlook and Sage CRM synchronizes, they have to manage this appointment conflict based on Sage CRM Outlook Meeting Manager.


This is outlined on in the Sage CRM 7.2 User guide.