When working with Sage CRM, you may find that you have need for a Base64 encoder / decoder. While these tools are readily available online, concerns may be raised as to whether or not these tools store the decoded information. Since Base64-encoding is typically used for usernames and passwords, this is a vaild security concern.

More information: 

The Level 3 support team has created a small application to aid in secure Base64 encoding and decoding.

Base64 encoder screenshot 

Plain text, or Base64-encoded data can be entered into the Input text field. Selecting the Encode or Decode options will return the result in the Output text field. Data can also be read or written to external files.

Additionally, headers can be automatically added for the following purposes:

  • Basic authentication
  • SDATA authentication
  • Telligent Community Server REST API authentication

The application can be downloaded here:

 Download: Base64 Encoder

Source code for the application is available here:

 Download: Base64 Encoder VS2010 Project

The project can be opened in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or later.


Base64 encoding is typically encountered when working with MIME-encoded emails, SDATA, Microsoft Exchange integration and authenticated requests to the CRM webapps.