General Questions

What are the benefits of using Sage CRM eLearning?

Sage CRM eLearning contains a wide variety of content covering technical, sales and support topics which will add to your knowledge base of Sage CRM. You will be able to access the content anytime, anywhere, so you can consume the content and test yourself with the exams at your own convenience.

Do I have to sit the exams?

No. However you will only be able to test your knowledge by doing the exam associated with the module content. If you pass the exam your achievement will be publicly recognized on the community in the form of badges you can earn.

How much does it cost to use Sage CRM eLearning?

Sage CRM eLearning is currently free of charge to all members of the Sage CRM Community. This is the case for both the module content and the accompanying exam.

Will this give me a formal certification, and therefore replace the certification I have earned locally?

No. Sage CRM eLearning does not provide formal certification on the product. The content is designed to be complimentary to the in-market certifying process. The content only covers the implementation or configuration of the Sales, Marketing and Service modules that are common globally.

For example, topic areas such as the detailed operation of a particular integration with a Sage Business Management Solution or Accounting system would not be covered in Sage CRM eLearning, as these are specific solutions.

What format is the content delivered in?

The content includes video, standard documentation, blog links and more. These will be continuously updated.

What languages are the content and exams available in?

Both content and exams are only available in English at the current time.

How do I know if new modules are added?

New modules will be announced on the eLearning home page.


What are the exams like and how should I prepare?

The exams are multiple choice answer format. You will immediately get your result as pass/fail. There is a large bank of questions per module, so in the event that you fail the exam it is better to review the content again rather than attempt a second sitting straight away. The length of time it takes to sit each exam varies but will be flagged at the beginning of each exam and there is also a countdown clock. You should attempt the exam in a quiet environment without distractions. You will not be able to pause the countdown once the exam has commenced.

How do I register for the exams?

Once you enter the eLearning platform, you will see a sign up for exam button. By clicking on this you will receive an email with your log-in details. N.B. When registering on the exam system make sure you use the same email address that you use for the community. If you have difficulty registering for exams, then please contact the Sage CRM Team at You will still be able to access the eLearning modules during this time.

How do I find the exam I want in the exam system?

Once you enter the exam system, you will be presented with the complete list of exams. You should navigate to the one you wish to attempt from this list. It is possible, but not advisable, to sit the exam without viewing the associated content. There is a practice exam available that allows you to experiment and familiarize yourself with the exam software. You will automatically be registered for three attempts for each exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the exam but you must wait two weeks once you exceed your third attempt. If you are unsuccessful after three attempts, please contact the Sage CRM Team at

I passed my exam but I don’t see a badge?

The badge system is updated weekly, so your new badge(s) will display after each weekly update is processed.

I want to sit some exams, but I don’t want to display badges on my profile. Is the display optional?

We will show the badges by default on your profile. However if you don’t want to see any badges against your profile, please contact the Sage CRM Team at

What if I fail 3 times – when can I retake the exam?

You will need to wait 2 weeks before being enabled to take the examination again. This will allow you time to review your existing exams and prepare for the retake. If you need to retake the exam, please contact the Sage CRM Team at

What versions of CRM are you covering in these exams?

Questions are from supported versions of Sage CRM. 


Tell me more about the badges, what is the benefit of collecting them?

The Sage CRM team wants to publicly recognize partners and Sage employees who demonstrate knowledge of the different aspects of the product and how it’s sold, installed, configured and customized. Members of the Sage CRM Community will be able to highlight their areas of expertise by adding badges to the streams they wish to specialize in, or to put themselves forward as an all-round expert in Sage CRM. This will be visible to all members, in all regions.

How long are the badges valid (do we recertify on new products)?

Badges are valid for 24 months. You only recertify on new modules or topics as they are introduced.

Can I print out my badges?

Yes – you can print out all of your badges associated with your profile.


Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

If you have any queries in relation to Sage CRM eLearning, please contact the Sage CRM Team at

What if I change job or Business Partner organization?

Your badges go with you – we are examining your knowledge, not accrediting your Business Partner organization. Please contact Sage CRM Team at if your email address changes.

What if I forget my password?

You can request a password reminder from the Sage CRM Team at

Technical Stream

The Technical training is currently divided into ten Modules (with one badge per module awarded):

  • Application Administration
  • Data Administration
  • Extending CRM Fundamentals
  • Reporting and Marketing Administration
  • Security Administration
  • System Customization
  • System Implementation Fundamentals
  • User Feature Fundamentals
  • User Features Advanced
  • Workflow Implementation

The ten modules of training cover the full range of topics handled by the Certified Consultant Syllabus. The training available on the Sage CRM Community is intended to allow a student to move through the material that prepares them for the separate badge exams at their own pace. A student can take as long or as little time as they want but they will need to prepare carefully.

The full ten modules, if delivered through instructor-led classroom training, would take a full five days or more to teach. The individual modules however do vary in length.

A typical module is taught using a mixture of video, slides, supporting articles and documentation.
As an example, the Workflow Implementation module has six supporting videos that in total last just over 90 minutes. But in order to be properly prepared for the exam the student is recommended to allocate an additional two or three hours of study. The documentation will need to be read as will the selected supporting Sage CRM Community articles that discuss workflow.

A student should anticipate spending between 3.5 to 4.5 hours preparing for each module or badge exam.
Each technical badge exam will last 25 minutes and contain twenty questions randomly drawn from the database. The questions will be a mixture of single answer multiple choice and true/false. A question may also ask the candidate to examine a screen shot and answer based on the image.

To further help your preparation, students can practice on their own instance of Sage CRM. We assume Business Partners and Sage staff have their own instance of Sage CRM. This can be installed with an expiring temporary license.