Remote Access - Admin Shortcuts

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Remote Access - Admin Shortcuts

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It is not always possible to arrange face to face time with customers when working with them in relation to training, implementation or support.

The natural alternative is remote access where you obtain shared access to the customer environment

In many cases access will be channeled through the customer’s personal machine and then onto the CRM Server.  This being the case, it’s desirable to get to all of the information as quickly as possible so as not to tie up the customer’s machine unnecessarily.

In this post I’ve put together some administration shortcuts I use when connected remotely to save time.

Start | Run menu options:

From the run box type

Regedit: to open the Registry Editor

Taskmgr: launches the Windows Task Manager

Services.msc: Opens the Services Management Console

Inetmgr: will open the IIS Management Console

Eventvwr: to open the Windows Event Viewer console

Msinfo.32: will open the system information console     

Notepad: will open a notepad window

Excel: will open a new Microsoft Excel document

Word: will open a new Microsoft Word document

IISRESET:  will stop and start IIS services

System information is particularly useful in capturing details of the customer's environment


Start | Run | CMD options

Within a command window type

Hostname: this will output the machine name

Net stop / start <servicename>: Use the net stop or start command to stop or start services in my example below I have stopped SQL Server Agent


net stop <service name>
net start <service name>

A full list of the exact services is found in the registry (run regedit.exe) under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services key.


In the case of both CMD and Run window actions you can toggle through previous commands using the down arrow key on your keyboard


Text Editor Shortcuts:

Working with Word, Excel or txt and csv files there are a number of shortcuts

CTRL A: Selects All

CTRL C: Copies selected text

CTRL Y: Pastes previously copied text

CTRL X: Deletes selected text

HOME + END: Will take you to the end of a file, this is particularly useful when reviewing log files.

This will take you to the last entry in the log

 SQL Server Management Studio:

CTRL+O: Opens a new query window

CTRL+N: Creates a new file

F8: Displays the object Explorer

F7: Displays the Summary Window

All of the text editor shortcut keys are also applicable within SQL Server Management Studio e.g. CTRL A

Hopefully you'll find these shortcuts useful


  • Run>MSTSC for Remote Desktop is also handy

  • Thanks Richard

    Another one which I've started using is Run| CMD| whoami

    this is to see what user is logged into the actual server, this can be useful to know if permission type issues are occuring.