Do You Know all About Sage CRM’s Strongest Features?

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Do You Know all About Sage CRM’s Strongest Features?

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Although this is not a feature-by-feature competitive analysis, I thought it would be useful to provide an overview of which Sage CRM features are particularly strong when compared to other CRM software systems. This article aims to give you an overview of Sage CRM's strengths, our best bits!

Note that detailed competitive collateral is sensitive, so you need to liaise with your regional operating company to obtain materials for your region. Most regions should be able to make a "Sage CRM v7.1 Competitive Differentiators" PDF, and possibly some competitive presentations, available to you. Unfortunately, we cannot distribute such material directly as different regions have different legal procedures that must be followed before making them available.

The Interactive Dashboard

The Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is more flexible, personalisable and powerful than most dashboards out there. The  Sage CRM v7.1 - Getting Started with the Interactive Dashboard video gives a great overview of these features..


The Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is entirely flexible...

  • You have a choice of flexible or fixed (3 column) layouts. If you opt for a flexible layout you can design your own layout to contain gadgets of any width or height and you can even overlap them if you want.
  • Gadgets can be easily dragged and dropped around the Dashboard. Columns within list gadgets can even be dragged and dropped - all to create the best workspace for your type of job and style of working.
  • You can add an unlimited number of Gadgets to the Dashboard
  • You can create and work with as many dashboards (or template dashboards) as you wish
  • Lists can be based on groups, saved searches, report lists and charts, and even SData (ERP Data) feeds


As an end user, your Dashboard can contain the information you want to see in the format you choose...

  • All users can create new dashboards, edit dashboards that have been made available to them, and create and modify gadgets.
  • A number of out-of-the-box templates are available for key user types. Any user can make a copy of templates available to them and tweak them to work more effectively for them - changing the layout using drag-and-drop, adding more gadgets, and modifying existing gadgets. The Gadget Quick Reference in the User Guide provides a list of all the gadget types that can be created.
  • All features available for personalising your dashboards are also available for Company Dashboards too. Users can define the layout and type of information they want to see by default when they access a Company Dashboard.


There are a number of powerful features that separate the Sage CRM Interative Dashboard from the rest...

  • Company and Account dashboards. A company dashboard is available so that users can get a view of the company that is most useful to the way they need to work with companies and accounts.
  • List actions. Sage CRM dashboards are not just visual. You can perform actions on any lists. Actions that you can choose to have available on your lists of information include, send email, create task or appointment, perform a LinkedIn search, go to summary screen. You can even make workflow actions available so you can move records to the next workflow state directly from the dashboard.
  • Linking. Another great feature is that lists and summaries can be linked together. You can do things like click on a record on a company list gadget to filter your list of opportunities or cases or even ERP invoices. And you can even have a summary screen of the record you've clicked on to display.
  • Listening. Custom gadgets are an effective way of making your Dashboard a really useful space and helps to create a truly Social CRM solution.
  • Integrated dashboards. The Dashboard has a UI for building simple, light integrations with ERP systems using Sage Data (sData).

What features are missing in competitors' CRM solutions?

Most of the above! Most Dashboards our there suffer from the following characteristics:

  • Limited column layouts.
  • No linking capabilities.
  • Not very interactive - inability to perform actions on lists.
  • No UI for easily configurable ERP feeds.
  • No ability to roll out templates.
  • No Company/Account dashboards.
  • Limited number of gadget types available out-of-the-box.
  • No scope for simple/light ERP integrations.

Exchange Integration

Exchange Integration is easy to set up and administer, it is robust and feature rich. The Sage CRM v7.1 - Getting Started with Exchange Integration video is a great overview of this feature. Although we encourage customers to opt for the server-side Exchange Integration and its many benefits, we continue to offer a client-side Outlook Integration that matches competitor offerings.

Easy to set up and administer: 

Exchange Integration is available out-of-the box and can be set up in four simple steps:
(1) Enable the Exchange Integration;

(2) Create the Exchange Connection;

(3) Select Users for Exchange Synchronization; and

(4) Enable the Synchronization.

Once this is complete, administrators benefit from a single point of entry from where they can manage existing Exchange users and add new users.


The server-side integration delivers a seamless calendar management experience thanks to real-time synchronisation between Sage CRM and MS Exchange. Server-side synchronizations are far more robust and reliable then client-side synching, because there is no synchronization to individual Outlook clients. The synchronization runs in the background and does not require users to trigger synchronization - it continues even when Outlook clients are closed.

Feature rich:

The integration offers rich functionality, enabling users to access up-to-date appointments, tasks and contacts within Sage CRM on their smartphone, laptop or desktop PC for maximum ease-of use and productivity. Multiple attendees can be associated with activities, all day events are supported, as are recurring appointments, and document store and share is possible. A light plugin is available for filing emails and adding contacts to Sage CRM.

What features are missing in competitors' CRM solutions?

  • Many competitors do not offer a server-side/Exchange Integration out of the box.
  • Competitor offerings are often difficult to set up and administer.
  • With a client-side integration, updates will not synchronize if the user is away from their desktop machine.
  • Multiple attendees are rarely supported for activities in other CRM software.

Graphical Workflow

Sage CRM's graphical workflow feature comes as a standard, out-of-the-box feature at no additional charge. The feature is intuitive, easy-to-use and is also feature rich. Read more about Sage CRM Workflow in the Workflow Customization section of the System Administrator Guide here.


  • With Sage CRM, workflow is orchestrated visually through the user interface.
  • There is an easy-to-use graphical UI for building up and branching the workflow.
  • There is a wide range of workflow actions, including campaign actions.
  • Cross entity workflows are supported.
  • You have full control over the processing order of workflow actions and alerts.
  • There are simple branching structures that generate tasks, alerts and approval processes.
  • You can easily clone any of your workflows.

What features are missing in competitors' CRM solutions?

  • Graphical workflow builders are often a paid add-on.
  • Sometimes only limited workflow action types are available.
  • Sometimes there are limitations with regard to the process order of actions.
  • Cross entity workflows are not always supported.

ERP Integrations

Another key differentiator for Sage CRM is out-of-the-box integrations. We currently offer out-of-the-box integrations with more than ten existing Sage ERP products. The ability to deliver integrations "out of the box" is an enormous plus. It eliminates problems normally associated with integrations like: risk, complexity and cost.


  • Sage CRM offers packaged integrations to several Sage ERP products.
  • No additional software required to run the integration.
  • As they are out-of-the-box, integrations are deployed instantly.
  • There is zero additional cost for the functionality.
  • There is zero upgrade risk in the future.
  • Functional richness is delivered without arbitrary limitations.

What features are missing in competitors' CRM solutions?

  • Most major competitors do not offer packaged integrations.
  • Integrations are often difficult to deploy, upgrade and costly.

Sage CRM has many strong features and you'll find that different features fair better against different competitor products. The above is an overview of areas where the product is particularly strong across the board, which you can call out as differentiators regardless of what competitor you are up against.