Delivering Value - a framework to help you successfully deliver Sage CRM projects.

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Delivering Value - a framework to help you successfully deliver Sage CRM projects.

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Successful CRM projects are all about delivering on a prospect’s business goals

The Sage CRM proposition works in supporting a prospect's business operations and meeting their strategic goals --- in particular, how they make or save money or decrease risk in their business. However, if the delivery of the CRM project fails to acknowledge or meet the business goals identified during the sales process, the customer will view the project as a failure.

The framework document is intended to provide a guide to concepts of project management as it relates to successfully implementing CRM systems.  The desired result after reading this document is to demonstrate how a CRM project can be deftly executed using an “information set”.  It aims to look at the reality of managing projects as well as dealing with the people/political aspects of a business returns focused project..

The document, that can be found in the business partner tools download section, provides an outline of a suggested methodology, the groups of people required to participate in this methodology & descriptions of the “information set” (accompanying documentation) required for successful CRM project delivery. It is envisaged this outline be a basis upon which Sage CRM partners develop their own “project delivery toolkit” for taking a Sage CRM license sale into a successful customer implementation.

Further, it aims to position Sage partners as quality providers of CRM consultancy services, strengthening the engagement process as early as possible & increasing sales as a result.

This framework document is the introductory piece of a series of templates to be developed in the coming weeks.   

We hope it serves both those of you who may be new to managing a CRM practice, in addition to serving as a reminder for those more experienced .  Feedback, as ever is welcome, to the author.

-= David

CRM Principal