Successful CRM projects are all about delivering on a prospect’s business goals

The Sage CRM proposition works in supporting a prospect's business operations and meeting their strategic goals --- in particular, how they make or save money or decrease risk in their business.

However, if the delivery of the CRM project fails to acknowledge or meet the business goals identified during the sales process, the customer will view the project as a failure.

My earlier framework document post (see here) was intended to provide a guide to concepts of project management as it relates to successfully implementing CRM systems.  The desired result after reading that document is to demonstrate how a CRM project can be deftly executed using an “information set”.  

I talked about this framework and various supporting documents at this year's Bootcamp in Dubiln.  Feedback at the event, and subsequently, suggests one of the bigger challenges is capturing & agreeing a customer's specific business objectives that allow the project team to start prioritising elements of delivery .   Or, putting it another way, "lassoing" all those pain points identified during the sales cycle and making sure the project team has a way of focusing on the ones that matter -- in terms of measurable savings / improvements - with ratings and connection to elements of a project.

To that end, the link (below) to the "The Project Objectives template" will, I hope, go some way to helping pre-sales and consultants to focus on what matters to the customer and maintain control.

As ever, I'd be keen to hear your feedback -- good & bad -- on how you see this document and its value to your organisation.

-= David

CRM Principal