What makes a great salesperson?

There are umpteen books out there that address this topic, and probably an equal number arguing whether great salespeople are "nurtured" through excellent coaching, or simply have it in their DNA.

However I have some tangible evidence from the real world of Sage CRM that proves what makes a STAR Sage CRM performer TODAY.

This profile is based on an individual who worked on the direct sales teams in one of our regions, and who delivered 40% of the team’s budget last year.....on his own. 

The following are the 8 characteristics displayed by this star performer:

  1. He is capable of having a high level dialogue with prospects
  2. He has deep knowledge of Sage CRM
  3. He has developed and refined his pre-sales skills
  4. He is self-sufficient to close a deal
  5. He has the ability to excite customers
  6. He is convinced that Sage CRM is a good product
  7. He has expertise in winning new business 
  8. And, of course, he is highly motivated

Some of this is “common sense”, however if you want a template that addresses that question - what makes a great salesperson in Sage CRM - then checking the box against the above 8 steps will get you mightily close to achieving that goal.

What do you think?

Do you agree with the above, or is there something extra you would add?

Good luck!