As Robin Morgan once said “Knowledge is power. Information is power” but as we know it the learning and information landscape is rapidly changing making it hard to keep up. There are now more kinds of learner than ever before – part-time, full-time, distance and online. Therefore, to support our users who love learning, Sage recently launched a new eLearning platform for everything you need to know about Sage CRM. This platform allows anytime, anywhere access to a wide variety of content across three streams;

1.      Technical - Click here for the Technical Stream blog post

2.      Support - Click here for the Support Stream blog post

3.      Sales - Click here for the Sales Stream blog post



Each stream contains a subset of modules designed to challenge and educate the learner as they progress. Students are assessed in the form of a (non-compulsory) multiple-choice exam, which offers informal recognition through the application of module “badges”. These icons are displayed on their Sage CRM Community profile (see below image). Badges in colour are those that have been awarded. Greyed out badges are ones that are yet to be taken.

Sage CRM eLearning is available free of charge to Business Partners and Development Partners. By testing your knowledge and passing the exams associated with each stream, you will be publicly recognized on the community, which is an important part of your career achievement as an exponent of Sage CRM.

For further information on eLearning or to start taking exams, please visit the Sage CRM Community.