At Sage, we believe in providing an extraordinary customer experience. A big part of this is providing an excellent level of support for our products.

The Sage CRM eLearning programme includes a specialised support stream, providing partners and support personnel with the skills and information they need to support customers.

The stream is divided into a number of sections, covering everything from the installation of Sage CRM and system architecture from a support standpoint, to working with individual features, such as mail merges and integrations.

The approach taken in the training is technical, with an emphasis on providing you with the skills and confidence to independently troubleshoot and resolve issues. The training makes use of available resources including the blog, knowledgebase articles, useful links, training videos and support slides. Additional content and modules will be added on an ongoing basis, with the finishing touches to our video content being added soon.

The content in the support stream is designed to be complementary to the Technical stream. While The Technical stream course shows you how to work with Sage CRM, the Support steam shows you what is going on in the background, and how you can view the workings behind the scenes.

The online lessons and guides within the Support section are available at any time, and anywhere, allowing you to take part in training at your own pace and convenience. As you complete the examinations associated with each support lesson, you will earn badges, verifying your level of knowledge in that subject and putting yourself forward as an all-round expert in Sage CRM. This will be visible to all members, in all regions.

Sage CRM eLearning is available free of charge to Business Partners and Development Partners. By testing your knowledge and passing the exams associated with the Support module content, you will be publicly recognized on the community, positioning you as an expert in Sage CRM.

By Rob Hurson

Rob Hurson is a Senior Third-Line Support Technician, and the Support stream sponsor for Sage CRM eLearning.