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New Implementation Workbook

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We've overhauled the Implementation Guide and turned it into a workbook.

The Implementation Workbook guides you through the scoping, planning, installation, customization, and roll out of a Sage CRM implementation so you can be confident that the system meets your customer's requirements and helps them achieve their business goals. It's important to remember that you are actually implementing a business strategy that will help a business to increase sales opportunities, automate processes, mine information for strategic purposes, and connect departments to improve customer insight and customer experience. In summary, your implementation of Sage CRM should help your customer to run a customer-centric business.

One of the main challenges when implementing a system is capturing customer pain points and prioritizing those that matter most in terms of measurable savings and improvements. This workbook provides sample questions about your customer's current business, including needs and problems, that you can ask key people in the company. The aim of these questions is to really understand the customer's business. The workbook includes forms where you can record their answers to help you identify solutions and metrics of success. It also includes customization guidelines and links to supporting documentation. We hope it will form part of your project delivery toolkit that helps you to take customers on a journey from pre-sales to project completion. Other project delivery material includes our Project management methodology guide and the Project objectives template which are available on the Community. We also recommend that you sit our Sales eLearning course.

We've incorporated feedback from partners and implementers to ensure the workbook is relevant and speaks to your needs. If you have any additional areas that you'd like included in the workbook, please let us know. 

  • Hi Emma,  I downloaded this (thanks!) and also the two documents referred to above.  I noticed that they were number 0 and 3 respectively leading me to deduce that they are part if a series.  Where can I find the other documents in this series?

  • Hi Paul

    Good question! David Beard (the author of these two documents) is currently working on the other documents in the series and will post them on the Community when they are complete.