Winning business means understanding a prospect’s goals

The Sage CRM proposition works in supporting a prospect's business operations and meeting their strategic goals --- in particular, how they make or save money or decrease risk in their business. 

Good sales technique constructs questions to draw out the real value of operational issues to a business. That questioning process should reveal how our proposition can help realise that value. In addition, asking intelligent questions about a customer’s business displays empathy & builds credibility. 

The document attached to this post is designed to serve as a guide to help you focus on the impact of implementing the Sage CRM proposition terms of a prospect’s business goals.


• What areas of the prospect’s business does our proposition impact?
• How does it impact these areas? What does the it look like “before” and “after”?
• What is the quantified impact, in terms of making or saving money or decreasing risk in their business?
• What information do we need to collect to calculate these quantified benefits?

Taking this approach, the prospect should understand What we SellWhy Us as a vendor/partner and Why Buy Now.  This document is designed to act both as an educational piece and an on-going template for sales activities. It will serve as initially as a “question prompter”, documenting quantifiable needs and tracking deal progress for each & every prospect.  

We hope it serves both those of you who may be new to CRM and/or selling it, in addition to serving as a reminder for those more experienced .

-= David

CRM Principal