Here at Sage CRM HQ we put customer experience at the heart of what we do. We believe that no-one can talk about Sage CRM better than our valued customers.  We use video success stories to showcase the unique ways in which Sage CRM has helped their businesses.

An example of a recent story was a customer called Blue Sky in the UK. The video success story shows how Sage CRM, together with Sage 50, has fundamentally changed their internal business processes, increasing efficiency by integrating all their departments. 

While we have quite a few videos and written stories, we always fresh new stories to bring the customer benefits to life. We will work with you & your customer to deliver an interesting story that benefits you, Sage & the customer's company. And, if video's aren't your thing, we can develop a written success story with you.

Contact us at or via your local Sage office and/or partner manager & let them of your interest in participating. We will work with the relevant people, conduct the interview & draft a story. We will ensure approval off the material for all parties at all stages of the process. Upon completion we will announce the success story to the user community, post it on our website, and also allow you to use the case study for your own marketing purposes.