Working with Selection Lists

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Working with Selection Lists

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Supposing that there is a requirement that when a Company is of a particular type then when an Opportunity is created for that company there should be one set of options to put into the Oppo_type field.
You can see in the above screen shot of an Opportunity Summary screen that the Company is a 'Prospect' in which case the Opportunity types should be
  • 'Referral' 
  • 'Recruitment' 
  • 'License' 
But if the Company type is 'Customer' then the Opportunity types should be
  • 'Software' 
  • 'Services' 
  • 'Mixed' 
I could start with a single long list of Options like in the image below.
I could test to see what company type it was and then remove the unwanted options for example:

The code here would be placed in the onCreate script box of the oppo_type field in the OpportunityDetailBox screen.

[code language="javascript"]
if (CRM.GetContextInfo("Company","comp_type")=="Prospect")

But this could get unwieldy if there are a lot of options.

Instead, I can create a new sets of options in translations (custom_captions) and then 'swop' the new selection list into the field using the create script

[code language="javascript"]
if (CRM.GetContextInfo("Company","comp_type")=="Partner")
LookupFamily = "newoppo_type"

The hard work is the entry of the different Options allowed for the different Company types but the code becomes much simpler.
  • The above code is not working for me... Anyother code plzz?

  • Tejaswini what is the error you are getting? the code works without problems. I hope you have the relevant lookup values in your Selection list.

  • In new quote screen, i have created pricinglist drop down box and indent drop down. pricinglist values are partner, testing, default and wholesale. Indent  values are a,b,c,d,e,f.  If i select partner, e and f should not be in the list..






    I tried with this code.. If i gave it in onscript change. But still no changes i can see. e and f is still visible. :(

  • This is not clientside code.  This code is for execution within the server in a create script.

    If the fields 'princinglist' and 'indent' are both on the same screen, and you want options available in 'Indent' to change when 'pricinglist' changes then you can use a technique similar to

    But you should also look at this article for a codeless way of doing it.

  • Do you know if RemoveLookUp() works inside the create script on the rules of a workflow?  We are having Syntax Errors

    Version 6.2

  • It should work fine.  I have just tested it with Sage CRM v7.1 SP2 in an opportunity workflow and there were no problems.

    e.g. for oppo_source


  • Is it possible to do this with a field that is on the same screen? For example, I want the lookup for "sa_modelno" to change based off the select made to the dropdown "sa_productline"

  • I have put this into my workflow and for one it works, but I can't get an 'else if' to work. e.g. If field A = 1 then use one lookup but if field A = 2 then use another lookup.

  • Bultark

    How are you attempting to grab the value of 'Field A'.

    Values("xxxx_fieldA") should allow you to see the inbound value that may have just been submitted but if you are using a primary entity and want to examin the value of 'Field A' as it exists in the data base then you can use  CRM.GetContextInfo("XXXXXXX", "XXXX_fieldA") - the entity XXXXXXX has to be a system entity.