When I lecture I stress the need to test any system changes that are made with a user other the System Administrator. This is because of all the override rights that a System Administrator has, and therefore System Administrator may not experience the same problems that a standard user would see.

But when the system announces "An unexpected event has occured", the System Administrator actually gets a more informative error.

For example the user may experience the error screen below:

But the System Administrator gets a slightly more informative error:

And I am able to recognise my old friend the SQL Server standard Error Code 207, which of course means that I have an "Invalid column name" referenced probably in the where clause.

I just need to open the SQL log to confirm the exact error.

Sep 3 2007 10:27:45.218 612 2768 1 fselectsql,time,sql,errormsg 0 SELECT User_UserId, User_DisplayName FROM vSearchListUser WHERE COALESCE(user_disabled, N'') = N'' AND COALESCE(user_istemplate, N'') <> N'Y' AND (user_primarychannelid = #user_primarychannelid#) ORDER BY User_Firstname, User_LastName Invalid column name '#user_primarychannelid#'