Checking Versions in Sage CRM

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Checking Versions in Sage CRM

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How can we tell what version has been installed?

The patch and version of the software is announced on the Logon Screen.

Again within the product you can check the version by going to My CRM> Preferences and clicking the About CRM button.

The version can be checked programmatically. This becomes very important where we need to be able to take into account changes in data model between versions. 

In the COM Environment the version can be read from the System Parameters table (custom_sysparams).


In code using the Web Service the version can be read like this:

getversionstringresult CRMVersion = myCRM.getversionstring();
string strCRMVersion = CRMVersion.versionstring();

In the .NET API the version can be read using

string strVersion = Dispatch.Version;

  • Hi Jeff, do you know if you can detect the CRM version within ES script ?

  • I don't think you can detect the CRM version in ES file.  I think the best bet is to obtain the Version in the ECF file using web services and then pass the version to the ES file in the parameters.  

  • How can I get a notification of when a new release is out for Sage CRM?

  • We add a new blog article when the software is released from development.

    We conduct regular briefings with country Product Managers who in turn should be briefing partners about the release timetable.

    Contact your local Sage CRM product manager (the support team will be able to make the introduction) and make sure you are on their briefing invitations.