Web Services are an access mechanism that can be used with the hosted version of Sage CRM as well as the on premise version.

To use the Web Services in the hosted product you need first to make the WSDL available.

1. Logon to your hosted version of SageCRM.com as a system administrator

2. Navigate to

Select Administration System Web Services.

3. Select the Change button to change the settings.

4. Change Make WSDL Available To All = Yes

5. Go back to the main menu.

6. Click on the System Help button in the main menu.

7. Click on the Account Update tab.

8. Click on the Web Service Connection String button.

This shows the path of the WSDL file.

e.g. https://northamerica.sagecrm.com/sagetechnologies879esclzp/eware.dll/webservices/CRMwebservice.wsdl


I think you will find the hosted version is sensitive to transaction size so the design of the application is critical to ensure that potential performance issues are avoided.

Also you will not be able to add other existing tables to the webservices. You have no way of accessing the custom_tables meta data table to set the flag.