Redirect to different WebToLead Pages

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Redirect to different WebToLead Pages

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A client has two WebToLead pages for two different regions of customers. Once they have submitted the information, they wish to redirect them to their respective websites.

If you go to Administration->Customizaton->Lead->WebtoLead, you will notice that you can only have one 'Web Lead Return Url".

A way to workaround this is to use Cookies. On one of your WebToLead pages, you can add this following piece of code (you will have to convert your WebToLead page to ASP):


Then create a separate redirect page that all users will be pointed to after submitting a Web Lead and, for example, call it 'redirect.asp':

if (Request.Cookies(“WebToLeadSource”)=1) then
end if

When you go back to Administration->Customization->Lead->WebToLead, use the redirect.asp page under 'Web Lead return URL'.

  • I'm going to have different variations of the same form in different areas of our site.... depending on the form that gets filled out I want to redirect to a different page after it gets submitted.  Our server is Linux based and so I believe ASP would not be an option for us.

    Is there a different method we could use to accomplish this?


  • Derrick

    The technique used above does use classic ASP but cookies are able to be set and handled by all types of web server scripting tools.  So it sould not matter whether your web server is Windows and IIS or Linux and Apache.  You can still use the cookies and redirect to another page depending on the cookie's contents.

  • Is there a way to expose the web2Lead to internet without exposing the whole CRM to the internet?

  • "web to lead" requires web access.  If you do not want to expose Sage CRM to the web then you can look at the use of email to Sage CRM using the Advanced E-mail Manager.