Example of a Complex Screen editing multiple records in ASP

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Example of a Complex Screen editing multiple records in ASP

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I have written before about the creation of a complex screen where the ASP page offers the user the ability to edit two records at the same time.

See:  https://community.sagecrm.com/blogs/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2007/10/01/creating-complex-screens-using-the-com-based-asp-api.aspx

This code is another example that shows how a screen can be created that allows editing of the Company, Address and default Contact details all at once.

Code Starts

<!-- #include file ="sagecrm.js"-->

var intRecordId = CRM.GetContextInfo("company","comp_companyid");
var recCompany = CRM.FindRecord("company","comp_companyid="+intRecordId);
var recAddress = CRM.FindRecord("address","addr_addressid="+recCompany.comp_primaryaddressid);
var recPerson = CRM.FindRecord("person","pers_personid="+recCompany.comp_primarypersonid);

var companyBlock = CRM.GetBlock("companyboxlong");
companyBlock.ArgObj = recCompany;
companyBlock.Title = CRM.GetTrans("tabnames","company");

var addressBlock = CRM.GetBlock("addressboxshort");
addressBlock.Title = CRM.GetTrans("tabnames","address");

var personBlock = CRM.GetBlock("personboxshort");
personBlock.Title = CRM.GetTrans("tabnames","person");

var myBlockContainer = CRM.GetBlock("Container");
with (myBlockContainer)


Code Ends

  • Editing seems easy but how do you create a record of two different entities at once?

    One container of two blocks. The first entity is custom made.

    The second entity needs the record ID of first one for reference.

    How do you get the execute command smart enough, e.g. assign the ID somehow, for this conditions?

  • Please see:


  • Thanks for this Jeff. How would I use this in conjunction with workflow? If I wanted workflow I would have to do something like CRM.AddContent(myBlockContainer.Execute("Opportunity")); - the trouble is if I do this, all of the other blocks will stop working (in fact, the whole page will stop working).

  • Sage CRM's workflow will only work when an entrygroup block uses record object in the execute method parameter.

    The record object can be based on a view e.g.

    myRecord = CRM.FindRecord("opportunity, vsummaryopportunity", WhereClause);


  • Jeff:

    I have an ASP page which contains multiple blocks.  The code in my page is pretty much "spot on" with the code example above in regards to the layout.  I am using different entities.  Therefore, of course, I am referring to different entities. :-)

    Everything with the page appears to work as desired EXCEPT when I hit the change button to edit the data in the blocks, for any of the fields that contains a date, the date picker is missing.  For a date/time field the datepicker for the date is missing.  However, the box that allows you to select the time is there.

    I am guessing that I either need to add something to my ASP page or to the custom content of each of my blocks to get the datepicker to display when in EDIT.  However, I am not sure how to go about doing that.

    I tried adding this to the custom content area of one of my Blocks and then attempted to edit the page.  However, the datepicker was still not there.

    Using this post, I did some additional research.  community.sagecrm.com/.../32732.aspx

    The only reference I have in my page is this

    <!-- #include file="..\sagecrm.js"-->

    Therefore, I don't think that I am calling the JQuery library twice.  However, something could be blocking the code.

    If you can push me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciated it.

    Thanks!  Michele