is the hosted version of Sage CRM.  It is ideal for businesses seeking a low-cost, low-risk CRM solution. allows you to work online using a Mobile browser on any device, such as the HP iPAQ or the Palm Treo. It is also possible to work online with CRM from other mobile devices with browsers, such as the BlackBerry Pearl.

A little while ago I discussed how you can simulate different types of mobile browser accessing an instance of SageCRM when using simple trick and a FireFox browser.

You should be aware that depending of the browser and device simulated, the Sage CRM user interface will differ from that seen when using an mobile device using Internet Explorer.

If you are using mobile access on a on your own install of Sage CRM (not then your Network Administrator needs to set up URLs for all mobile users so that they can access Wireless Mobile online from inside or outside the corporate network.

Normally the URL for accessing CRM from inside the corporate network is the same as the URL for accessing CRM from your desktop and is typically in the following format:


The URL for accessing CRM from outside the corporate network typically includes your company’s IP address. The URL is normally in the following format:


But what if you are using  Where can you logon if you are using the hosted service?

If you are a UK customer of then you can easily logon from your mobile device using the following URL

If you are a US customer you can get a simplified logon screen by using the URL