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Example Self Service Pages

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This article has be altered to allow download of files from this site.
This is a very simple set of pages that can be used to illustrate how the COM API is used to develop self service applications for Sage CRM. There is minimal formatting used. You can drop the pages into an existing self service site or you can create a new self service folder/virtual directory.

The pages show example code for:
  • Logon and Logoff pages
  • Authenticated access
  • Anonymous access
  • Anonymous searching for solutions
  • Anonymous inserting of a lead record
  • Authenticated editing of person record
  • Authenticated access of cases

There are textpad code snippets available to help with the creating of similar self service pages.  These are publically available.

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Development Partners can download the zip file containing the example Self Service pages from this website.

  • Unfortunately this is not working on Sage CRM 6.2