Cloning a Person and assigning to a new Company

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Cloning a Person and assigning to a new Company

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This article has been updated based on feedback from a partner. 

As a result of a conversation I had with a colleague at the Asian conference I have uploaded a sample ASP page that shows how you can clone a Person record.  The sample ASP page demonstrates the code needed to copy a person record and all the associated information. The ASP page partly solves the issue that when a person moves company you should keep the existing person record linked to the company, to maintain integrity and business context for the opportunity, cases, communications etc.

Note: You will need to be a member of the Developer Program to down load this file.

To download the file go to

To implement add a 'Clone Person' button to the personsummary screen, you will need to follow these steps.

1) Unzip the download file and place the "switchcompany.asp" file in the CustomPages folder.
2) Create a new Button Group (e.g called Person Buttons) for the system action "personsummary".
3) Add a customfile action to the Button Group that calls "switchcompany.asp". 


Personal, Home addresses and phone numbers are copied.  Once the record is created the business addresses will need to be assigned.  A good tip would be to then use the Address Link feature added in Sage CRM 6.2.


  • Hi Jeff,

    I have been asked whether it would be possible to amend the code in this asp page, so that when the p[erson is moved it moves the communications, notes etc for the person to the new company. As you have noted, at the moment it only moves the person record, email, addresses and phone numbers.

    Not sure where to start as it's been a few months since I last looked at asp programming



  • Hi Jeff, I cannot dowload the attchement.


  • Sorry, you'll have to be a member of the Developer Program to get hold of the file.  I've updated the article to make that clear.

  • is there a solution for CRM 7.1?

    There is a change in CRMEmailPhoneData

    the old Version causes

    There has been an error

    Error Name:  Error

    Error Number:  -2147418113

    Error Number:  65535

    Error Description: [SafeCall Exception]: SQL-Fehler

  • Memmbers of the Developer Program can download the latest version fo the Clone Person component (Sage CRM v7.1 sp2) here:

  • Hey Jeff,

    I am getting the same error as mmarinelli above, so I assume I am using the old .asp file (we are 7.1 sp2). But when I try to follow the link you've posted for the new component it says the "Resource Not Found, The resource you requested does not exist."

    Could you re-post it, or is there somewhere else I can access this? I have a client that would absolutely love to have this ability, as they need to move a lot of people around.


  • I can not post this generally but you are welcome to contact me deirectly for the files.

  • Does this work in 7.3?