Increasing List Size beyond the default limit of 25 rows

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Increasing List Size beyond the default limit of 25 rows

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List length in Sage CRM is determined by the value of the "Grid Size" field that is set within the users preferences.  By default this is either (5, 10, 15, 20, 25).  The maximum by default is 25. 

To allow a great number of rows to be displayed then the selection list needs to be edited.  The values within the selection lists are controlled by the translation feature.

To add the ability to have lists of length 30 logon as the system administrator and navigate to the customization area.  Select translations and click 'new' to add a new translation.

Administration -> Customization -> Translations

Enter the following values
capt_code:  30
capt_family:  UserGridSize
capt_familytype: Choices
capt_us (US English): 30
capt_order: 6

Once the translation has been entered the option can be chosen from the users preferences

The lists then will display with the new length.

You may also want to see the article "Controlling List Size in ASP Pages".