Sage CRM 6.2 Quick Start Performance Guide

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Technical Hints Tips and Tricks that cover customization and development using Sage CRM. API usage and coding are covered.

Sage CRM 6.2 Quick Start Performance Guide

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This document has been made available for development partners.  This covers version Sage CRM 6.2.

We are pleased to announce the release of the 'Sage CRM Quick Start Performance Guide'.  The idea behind this Guide is to provide you with some quick hints and tips to try to optimize CRM performance before an Implementer leaves a Customer site, and around the time a Customer site is about to go 'Live'.

By default CRM installs with default timeout and ‘interval’ settings. However we have found that some of these settings may not be conducive to an overly efficient, optimized CRM install particularly where the install has been heavily customized. e.g. a Customer may have numerous customized notification rules, so their ‘Notification Interval’ will need to be modified. Another customer may have large amounts of Outlook Integration Users, they consequently should not have their ‘auto sync’ option set to ‘1 minute’ [that means that every end user may be trying to connect to the Web Server and synchronize every minute].

So some of these need to be tweaked and fine-tuned across different sites depending on how the system is used and how it has been customized.

Before an Implementer leaves a customer site, they should ensure the following hints/tips have been carried out.

Development Partners can download the guide from here: Sage CRM 6.2 Quick Start Performance Guide

  • Document has gone :-(

  • It hasn't!  I've just checked and I can download it.  Check that you are logged on with the correct rights.  If you still can't see it let me know and I'll send it to you directly.