As part of my preparation for release of Sage CRM v7.1, I found myself exploring the way in which I could transfer Interactive Dashboards from one system to another.   A sample component that contains the code that shows how to add a new Interactive Dashboard Template into the target system has been added to the downloads area.  Members of the Developer Program can download the component  "Unassigned Example Interactive Dashboard Template" which is very simple and just contains a linked List and Record Summary gadgets.  The gadgets use data sources and meta data that exists in a default system.  The template is unassigned to either Users or Teams.

I have found that when sharing Templates between systems that is has been easier to ensure they are not assigned to anyone, either to a team or to a user.  This is because there may be differences between the different systems userid and teams that would understandably generate errors.  

If you are designing your own components to import Interactive Dashboard templates then you will need to be careful over the data sources gadgets available.  You will need to be sure to only use those gadgets and datasources that are known to be in the database that will run the component.  This means that either they must be created ahead of the running of the component OR the component contains the code to create those gadgets and data sources.

Tip:  Dashboard templates and their gadgets that use saved Advanced Find searches as data sources should not be used in Components.  This is because at the time of writing Advanced Find searches are not scripted and included as part of the (.es) file created by the Component Manager.