Creating Interactive Dashboard List Gadgets for Custom Entities

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Creating Interactive Dashboard List Gadgets for Custom Entities

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List Gadgets derive their data from 4 different types of data source

  • Saved Searches
  • Advanced Finds
  • Reports
  • Groups

When a custom entity is added to Sage CRM using the Advanced Customization Wizard (Entity Wizard) only the table is created.  

The default behaviour associated with the Find screen allows Saved Searches to be created straight away.

Reports, Groups and Advanced Finds are defined on views so these need to be created for the new entity if these are to be available as datasources for Custom Entities.  

The article "Creating Groups on Custom Entities in Sage CRM" covers how a view can be created that will allow Reports and Groups to be used with a Custom Entity.

Note:  The name of the view must follow the pattern vSearchListXXXXXX where XXXXX is the entity name.  So if the actual name of the entity is Project the view needs to be vSearchListproject.  

To allow a Custom Entity to be referenced in Advanced Find and therefore have those availables as a Gadget data source you need use the trick that was discussed first in the article "Adding Advanced Find and Mass Update and Groups for a Custom Entity (Project)"

To create the project option on the Advanced Find drop down have to be added to the custom_edits metadata table. 

To do this you need to go to

Administration -> Customization -> Translations 

Add the translation 

  • Caption Code: Project 
  • Caption Family: AdvFindEntities 
  • Caption Family Type: Choices 
  • US Translation: Project 
  • UK Translation: Project 
  • Hi Jeff

    Thank you for your guide.

    I did the same, but in creating advanced search in field name drop down list, there is not any field of project table

    What's wrong with that?

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the post.

    I have been battling to replicate this process.

    I have managed to get the custom entity advanced find to work fine, but for some reason I cannot create groups/gadgets based on the entity.

    I have deleted and recreated the translations and made sure the views are sound.

    Any hints on where to start looking will be much appreciated.

  • Kyle have you flagged the view as an SDATA view ? as the interactive dashboards use the SDATA framework to retrieve data

    not sure if you have set your custom view as a SDATA view.

  • Hi Kennan, Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I have flagged the view as a SData View.

    I have found that I can create a group for the custom entity from the Advanced Find screen, but I cannot create  a group for the entity from MyCRM/TeamCRM and the entity is not available when trying to create gadgets.

  • please verify this link Kyle for creating groups for custom entities