Using a RSS Gadget to bring live Social Media feeds into the Interactive Dashboard

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Using a RSS Gadget to bring live Social Media feeds into the Interactive Dashboard

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Below is a screenshot of an Interactive Dashboard that shows a feed from the Sage CRM User Community forums and a Network Update feed from LinkedIn.

Each of these have been created as an RSS feed.

Creating Forum RSS Gadget.

The first step was to find the RSS or ATOM feed provided by the website.

The Sage CRM Community produces one for its different forums. I selected the option to "Get this RSS feed" shown in the image below.

This provided me with the RSS feed URL.


I could then add the feed into the Interactive Dashboard using the RSS Gadget.

Feeds can be authenticated if necessary, but the ones that I have chosen are public.

Creating a LinkedIn Network Update Feed.

You just need to know where you can get the feed.

Scroll down to the Updates section of your home page.

Under the More dropdown menu, select RSS feeds.

You should be able to see that you can enable a feed not only for the updates within your Network but also feeds from the LinkedIn Answers area.

Once you have the feed it can be added just link the Community Feed shown above.

You can find a short training video that explains how to create a RSS Gadget here:

  • Hi Jeff

    Sorry if this has been answered before but is there a way to bring in company specific feeds into the company interactive dashboard. e.g. I would access a specific company record in my CRM system, go to the dashboard and it would have a news feed of related info to that company e.g. google search, news items, social media search etc. we'd have to pass the company name into the rss feed/web address somehow?

    Thanks for any info


    Alan Miles

    CRM Commercial Manager

    Eureka Solutions (Scotland) Ltd

  • Alan

    Yes there is.  But not using the RSS Gadget (as it current works), as it is not context aware.  Instead you can use a Custom Gadget.  I have discussed something similar in this article

  • Cheers Jeff!