The article "How Sage CRM Hot Keys work" explained how Hot Keys are implemented using the hyperlink AccessKey property in a browser.  That article explained how the Case Summary screen has a series of Hot Keys associated with the different actions buttons on the screen.

These were implemented using the HTML AccessKey property and the user can invoke  them with a key stroke.

Different browsers implement the AccessKey functionality differently.  Below is a table that looks at the different HotKeys that would be used within the Case Summary screen for different browsers.

Button HTML Internet Explorer  Firefox Chrome Safari OSX
Change <A accessKey=h class=.... [Alt][H] [Alt][shift][H]+[Return] [Alt][H] [Ctrl][Opt][H]
Continue <A accessKey=o class=.... [Alt][O] [Alt][shift][O]+[Return] [Alt][O] [Ctrl][Opt][O]
Summary Report <A accessKey=r class=.... [Alt][R] [Alt][shift][R]+[Return] [Alt][R] [Ctrl][Opt][R]
Help <A accessKey=p class=.... [Alt][P] [Alt][shift][P]+[Return] [Alt][P] [Ctrl][Opt][P]

Browsers can have their own inbuilt accelerators that may already use these key strokes. For example, by default in Internet Explorer when viewing a web page other than a Sage CRM screen [Alt][H] would open the Browser Help menu.  The Sage CRM Hot Keys override these.