Below is a list of translations used to generate the Hot Keys in Sage CRM.  These are held in the custom_captions table and can accessed through the administration screens.

Administration -> Customization -> Translations

The Hot Keys for the buttons are all associated with the caption family 'Buttons'.  It is important to point out that the use of translations to define the Hot Keys means that there maybe different Hot Keys for an action for users working in different languages.

Button UK English US English French German Spanish
Help Hel&p Hel&p Ai&de &Hilfe &Ayuda
New &New &New &Nouveau &Neu &Nuevo
Search &Find &Find Rechercher &Suchen &Buscar
Edit C&hange C&hange &Modifier Ä&ndern &Modificar
NewTask New &Task New &Task Nouvelle tâche Neue Auf&gabe Nueva &Tarea
NewAppointment New &Appointment New &Appointment Nouveau &rendez-vous Neuer &Termin Nueva &Cita
Save &Save &Save &Sauvegarder &Speichern &Guardar
Clear C&lear C&lear E&ffacer Auswah&l aufheben &Limpiar
Continue C&ontinue C&ontinue P&oursuivre For&tfahren C&ontinuar
NewEmail New &E-mail New &E-mail Nouv&el e-mail Neue E-Mail Nuevo &correo electrónico
Calendar Calendar &View Calendar &View &Consulter calendrier Kalender&ansicht &Vista del calendario
List List &View List &View Afficher la Liste Listen&ansicht &Vista de Lista
ExecuteSummaryReport Summary &Report Summary &Report &Rapport de Synthèse &Zusammenfassungsbericht Informe de &resumen
Next Ne&xt Ne&xt Sui&vant &Weiter &Siguiente
SaveAndNew Save && New Save && New Sauvegarder et Nouveau Speichern und neu Guardar y Nuevo
SaveAndContinue Save && Continue Save && Continue Sauvegarder et continuer Speichern && Fortfahren Guardar y Continuar
SaveandSend Save & Send Save & Send Save & Send Save & Send Save & Send