Quick Tips for Viewing Your E-marketing Results

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Quick Tips for Viewing Your E-marketing Results

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You've set up Sage E-Marketing for Sage CRM and your emails are being distributed successfully. However, when it comes to analysing the performance of your email marketing campaign you notice that your open or clicks statistics are not syncing from the Swiftpage server to Sage CRM.

Here are a few steps you can check to ensure you get the results of your campaign:

1. Login to your Swiftpage account directly on the Swiftpage website: http://www.swiftpageconnect.com/

(If you've forgotten your Swiftpage account name or username you can find them in Sage CRM in Administration -> E-mail and Documents -> E-marketing Configuration section.)

Once you've successfully logged in to Swiftpage, go to the Reports section and find the email that you sent. To help you do this, select an appropriate time range for when you sent the email by choosing an option in the Sent time filters. Then, verify that the results are present on the Swiftpage site by clicking on the options in the Summary Reports and Detail Reports as indicated in the screen shot below

(Please note that some Drip Marketing statistics do not get aggregated on the Swiftpage site until 3am Mountain time in the US (UTC -6).)

2. The second thing you can do if your statistics are not synching is to check the time that your synchronisation is due to take place.

This is controlled by the SyncEngineConfiguration.xml file in your tomcat\webapps\<installname>j\WEB-INF directory. By default this is set to 23:00 hours. You can change this to a different time to test but you must restart your tomcat service in Windows Services for this change to take effect.

If the statistics are available on the Swiftpage website and your sync time has already passed but you still don't see any statistics in Sage CRM, you should check your E-Marketing logs for errors. The E-Marketing logs are located in their own folder in the Sage CRM\Logs folder.

If you see errors that say 401 Unauthorized it is usually the case that the Sage CRM user name or password in the tomcat\webapps\<installname>j\WEB-INF \syncengine.properties file is incorrect or the user is not a Sage CRM admin user.

To rectify this, you can copy an admin user name and password directly from the database. The password should be entered into the file in its encrypted format for security:

Once this is done, you can test that everything is working by:

1.       Changing the sync time in the SyncEngineConfiguration.xml file to be 10 minutes from the current time

2.       Restarting your tomcat service

3.       From Sage CRM send a test email to your email account (remember you're against the clock!)

4.       When you receive the email, open it and click on some links to ensure they open

5.       Then, wait until the sync time has passed and check that the stats are present in the E-Marketing Wave Analysis tab:

I hope these steps are useful. If you have any queries about these steps, please post them in the comments section below.

  • Some great pointers here.   My sync appears to be working fine - I can even pick out my e-marketing recipient email addresses in <date>SPSYNCENGINE.LOG but I'm not getting those results displayed in SageCRM.  I don't have a WAVE ACTIVITY ANALYSIS tab.  Outbound Communications are logged against the persons & the companies - all appears fine.  Any ideas why I don't see my ANALYSIS tab?

  • Hi Dale, that's unusual that you don't see the Wave Activity Analysis tab at all. I've seen an issue where the tab is there but the stats aren't populated when you click on it. Do any errors appear in your spnighttask.log file in "Logs\EMarketing Integration" folder? When you click on an E-Marketing wave activity what tabs are displayed at the top of the page?

  • Hi Kevin, there are no 'error' words in the log file.  One section near the end reads...

    2013-01-29/15:25:03.041/GMT [SyncEngine thread] DEBUG com.sage.scrm.syncengine.emarketing.communication.handler.account.UpdateAccountInfoHandler.handleRequest Crm url:http://localhost:10009/crmj/$service/setAccountInfo

    The URL above links to a BadUrlSyntax message but I'm not sure if or how it's related.  I do note that JAVA is mentioned and I have had issues with v7 now reverted to 6.21.

    I have two tabs when I click on the e-marketing activity hyperlink - COMMUNICATIONS and WAVE ACTIVITY SUMMARY.

  • Just in case somebody else comes across the same issue, the problem in this case was that the "emarketingwaveactivityanalysis" tab did not exist on the Custom_Tabs table on the database. Probably due to a failed upgrade script. Once we inserted the row on the custom_tabs table to match a working CRM install and reset iis the tab appeared again.