Consider the screen shown below


This image happens to shown a data from a secondary entity being displayed in a summary screen in Sage CRM v7.1.  You can see that in addition to the main entity information being displayed in the main part part of the screen there is also information from the entity displayed in the top part of the screen.  This is the area known as the Top Content.

In Sage CRM v7.1 the interface was all contained in a series of Frames.  The main data was displayed in a Frame called 'eware_mid' and the Top Content in a frame called 'TopContent'.  But this has all changed in Sage CRM 7.2 as noted in the article "The Impact of Frameset Removal on Code in Upgraded Systems".

Sage CRM 7.1

In order to address the TopContent area in Sage CRM v7.1 you would need to use JavaScript function that was created by the eware.dll but actually defined in the frame that contained the Main Menu.  This meant that the code to address the TopContent would look like the example below

parent.frames[3].WriteToFrame(5,"TOPBODY VLINK=NAVY LINK=NAVY",“Hello World");

Sage CRM 7.2

Frames are not used in Sage CRM 7.2.  Instead all the different areas of the screen are marked out by different HTML 'div' tags with clear identities.  In addition all the code that used to be embedded into the HTML has been moved into library files.  In order to address the TopContent area now the code would look like this

SageCRM.wsTop.WriteToTopDiv(“Hello World”);

The method of addressing the TopContent is not the only thing that has changed.  If you ever had need to find and use the list of users then in Sage CRM v7.1 and earlier you had to look at an object in one of the frames.  But in Sage CRM 7.2 this becomes much simpler

Sage CRM 7.1


Sage CRM 7.2