I have noted in previous articles that Sage CRM 7.2 has eliminated the use of Frames within its general screen architecture.  

ASP pages however are still rendered within a Frame.  See the image below

The ASP page is called by a Frame contained in the <div> 'eware_mid'.  

<div id="EWARE_MID" name="EWARE_MID" style="top: 70px; height: 167px; width: 685px;"><iframe id="EWARE_MID_IFRAME_ASP" src="/crm/CustomPages/opportunitieslist.asp?SID=42340664437475&amp;Key0=4&amp;Key4=1&amp;J=opportunitieslist.asp&amp;T=User " frameborder="0" width="99%" height="1000px" scrolling="auto" style="height: 167px;"></iframe><script type="text/javascript"> $("#EWARE_MID_IFRAME_ASP").bind("load", null, function(e)      { $(document).ready(function() {var $iframe = $("#EWARE_MID_IFRAME_ASP");  $iframe.contents().find('a[href*="eware.dll"]').attr("target", "_parent");});  } ); </script> </div>

The use of the Frame is invisible to a user of the page and from a development perspective no alteration to core ASP methods should be needed.

For example the behaviour of the GetCustomEntityTopFrame() method has been altered to ensure the correct update of TopContent information for custom entities.


You will find the above code used in pages built by the Advanced Customization Wizard (a.k.a. Main Entity Wizard).

Note:  Although you should not need to change serverside executed ASP code in upgraded systems you will want to check your code if it was originally written for versions prior to Sage CRM v7.1sp2.  This is because Sage CRM v7.1sp2 introduced Client Side mail merge.  Please see the articles

Note: ASP pages can contain JavaScript that is not executed on the server but is passed to the browser to execute.  Because of the changes to the Frameset structure you will need to check any client side code in an upgraded system.  See Differences in Object References in Client Side Code (onChange & Custom Content)

Using the Sage CRM 7.2 Client Side API in ASP Pages

If you have added script into meta data e.g. into the Custom Content of a screen or a list which is then used in an ASP page then this code is written and will work in the same way as script added to system screens like the company summary or opportunity summary screens.


//function script goes here

Testing Client Side Script in ASP pages

You have to remember that ASP pages in Sage CRM 7.2 are rendered in a Frame so if you want to experiment with script in the console for an ASP page you should reference frame within the code.


EWARE_MID_IFRAME_ASP.crm.grids().filterWhere('oppo_description', 'contains', 'Test').highlightCell('greenyellow');