Sage CRM 7.2 introduced a new powerful and simple to use API for carrying out client side customizations.

I have written about the new API in several articles already. You can read a simple overview of the API in the article "The new client side API".

The API has been fully documented and integrated into the existing online help available through the community.

To access the help for the new API click on the System Administration Help.

The Client Side API reference guide is available on the Welcome page of the System Administration Help guide.

Clicking the link will open up the detailed reference to the new API Classes and their methods.

The Client Side API Help can be accessed directly from the hyperlink

The main System Administration guide has also been updated to include references to the new client side API

The main affected chapters are:

  • List Customization
  • Screen Customization
  • Advanced Screen Customization

These show examples of how to implement business rules using the new API.