Campaign Activities: Internal Mail Merge and Telesales

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Campaign Activities: Internal Mail Merge and Telesales

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In this article I want to consider how to you can add Internal Mail Merge and Telesales as an activity within a campaign.

I have made the assumption that you are working with graphical Campaign and Marketing workflows. If you are not familiar with the set up of graphical workflow for the marketing features in Sage CRM then please read the article "Graphical Workflow for Marketing". 

I have looked previously at how External Mail Merge and External Telesales activities work within the campaign workflow. See the article "Campaign Activities, External Mail Merge and Telesales" for more detail. 

It is important to note that the two activities in question

  • Internal Mail Merge
  • Internal Telesales

are very different in their behaviour.

The actions that are available to be picked when creating a new wave item are associated with two separate workflow actions.

The graphical workflow for Wave Items defines separate workflow rules

  • Schedule Telesales for the Internal Telesales


  • Do Mass Mail Merge for the Internal Mail Merge.

We should look at the "Do Mass Mail Merge" workflow action first.

You can see that the action is essentially a simple mail merge that uses the information from the group selected.

A merge template can then be selected.

The merge then continues as a regular mail merge.

The Internal Telesales action

The Internal Telesales action is quite different.

Once the the 'Schedule Telesales' workflow button is selected the group needs to be confirmed.

And then the Task Information screen is displayed and needs to be completed.

This screen is discussed in the documentation but it allows the users setting up the campaign to decided what type of task needs to be scheduled. The start and end date 'window' for those actions and the users who will be responsible for the tasks. You can control which days of the week can be used for scheduling the tasks so you can pick the best days for telemarketing purposes. The tasks can be scheduled against either individuals or teams and the tasks can be assigned to them based on the broker rule. The broker rule, is either 'Queue' or 'Round Robin' and decides how the tasks will be distributed amongst the users associated with the workflow action.

If the Round Robin Broker Rule is selected, the number of calls per day will be the maximum number of calls distributed evenly per user per day.

If the Queue Broker Rule is selected, the number of calls per day will be the maximum number of calls distributed per day to the selected Team. The Queue Broker Rule can only be used if a Team has been selected.

If the Distribute Among Team Users is checked, the calls will be distributed among all users whose Primary Team is equal to the selected Team.

If you want to record whether a person has been contacted through the use of the marketing action you can select the Internal Actions option in the Parent Category field. The Parent Category field will store the static list of recipients for the activity in Key Attribute Data.

When creating new groups or reports this Key Attribute Data can be used as a selection criteria.

Once the work is schedule the Wave Activity summary page is displayed.

The Communications tab within this Wave Activity summary will display the list of tasks scheduled.

  • Hi Jeff,

    The "Distribute Among Team Users" field doesn't exists...

    How can we Schedule Telesales to all users that belong to a team?

    Thank's for your help in advance!