Some thoughts on SMS Configuration

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Some thoughts on SMS Configuration

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In this article I want to look at the configuration of Sage CRM to allow SMS routing of alerts and notifications.

When wanting to think about using SMS in the context of using Sage CRM there are two main uses of SMS to consider.

  • There are SMS messages that are sent by users from mobile phones and that need to be captured within Sage CRM.
  • There are SMS messages that may be sent from within Sage CRM automatically as part of the escalation processes.

SMS from a Mobile

The Sage CRM iPhone app gives you access to all your Sage CRM People and Opportunities records, as well as recent Communications, directly from your phone. and when you make an SMS to a Sage CRM person from your phone, the details of that text message is pushed up to Sage CRM and stored as a communication.

The image above shows that in the iPhone app you can find one of your Sage CRM contacts and then press the mobile/cell phone number and when you do, you are given the option of whether you want to send an SMS or just make a call.

You can then enter the text and send it within the app.

When you press send, the app will automatically create a communication in CRM containing a record of the SMS.

Sending Automatic SMS escalations messages.

The use of SMS messages within Sage CRM has been discussed in the article "Sage CRM and Outbound SMS Messaging".

Note: The messages are sent via an SMTP to SMS gateway.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Do you know if Sage CRM can integrate with SMS via SMPP rather than SMTP?

    Is it a development configuration?

    Thanks Jeff.


    Penny Vaskess

  • Penny

    There are no settings within the product for SMPP only connecting via an SMTP to SMS gateway.