Sage CRM 7.3: What changes to the CK Editor will impact the way your customizations work?

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Sage CRM 7.3: What changes to the CK Editor will impact the way your customizations work?

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Way back in Sage CRM 6.2 rich text editing was added to allow for the composition and editing of HTML e-mails and e-mail templates.

The editor that was used for this was a third party component called CKEditor. It still is used in Sage CRM 7.3 but has now been updated to the latest version.

One of the changes that has happened is that spellchecking has been dropped from the rich text editor in favour of just using the browsers native spell check ability.

In Sage CRM 7.2 a user has to select the spell check button.

In Sage CRM 7.3 any text is automatically check by the browser.

This is a very minor change but there may be some implications for systems that are upgraded and that have reused CKEditor behaviour in other screens.

Since Sage CRM 6.2 it has been possible to re-use the CKEditor behaviour in screens other than the e-mail editor screens. Customizations have been added to other multi-line text fields to allow for the rich text editing of notes and detail fields.

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Potential Issues

You will need to check each of the screens and fields that use CKEditor but one very important fact is that Sage CRM 7.3 has added a new User Interface theme.  If you have used code to add CKEditor into other fields then you will need to especially check that the code is working correctly under the new theme. One of the likely problem areas is that the paths to images and style sheets maybe missing and that images on the CKEditor buttons do not display.

  • We’ve just upgraded a site to v7.3 where we’d previously reused the FCKEditor in other screens from 6.2 onwards.  Although it worked in Chrome and Firefox this wouldn’t work in IE without the site being in Compatibility mode.  As you're not supposed to use CRM with IE11 in Compatibility mode this was going to be a problem for us.  

    To get around this we removed the Custom Content code referencing the FCKEditor, and added the following to show the 7.3 editor you get when composing an email:

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  • <script src="/CRM/ckeditor/ckeditor.js" type="text/javascript"></script><br />

    <script><br />

    crm.ready(function(){<br />

    CKEDITOR.replace('case_problemnote');<br />

    })<br />


  • With the new editor the script for resizing the editor does not work.

    Here is a workaround for resizing the editor:

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